Rayco Service Upgrades

Are you remodeling or building an addition on your house? If you live in an older home, a panel upgrade may be necessary to ensure all your technological necessities remain functional. Most older homes were not wired to provide the power that our modern appliances and electronics demand, which is why the electricians at Rayco Electrical Contractors offer panel upgrades throughout the San Antonio. area. Whether you need new wiring or an entirely new panel, you can count on our experienced professionals to provide everything you need to safely power your home.

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Types of Electrical Upgrades

At Rayco Electrical Contractors, we offer the following types of electrical upgrades, depending on the current state of your panel and wiring, the amount of power that you currently have and how much more electricity you need:

  • Heavy Ups: Swap out-of-date panels and electrical cables to boost amperage
  • Electrical Changes: Install new power outlets and circuitry or refurbish existing fixtures
  • Panel Upgrades: Increase the power supply to meet new electricity demands
Residential & Commercial

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